Tom Shaw

Tom Shaw, Chief Product Officer of Shaw Media, was named 2023 First Vice Chair of the Local Media Association (LMA) Jan. 19.

From the LMA:

Strong boards set the strategic direction and tone of any organization. LMA and Local Media Foundation (LMF) are proud to announce officers and new directors for 2023.

LMA is charged with the business health of local media companies, with a specific focus on reinventing business models for news. Directors and officers also have fiduciary responsibilities over the affiliated Local Media Foundation.

“We are thrilled to  .. . welcome Tom Shaw back,” said Nancy Lane, CEO, Local Media Association and Local Media Foundation.

Shaw was most recently the chair of the LMF, and will serve as Immediate Past Chair with the new group of officers and directors of the LMF.

Local Media Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization focused on the philanthropic funding of journalism, industry collaboration, sustainability for publishers of color and more.