Group Photo Editor Sandy Bressner

Group photo editor Sandy Bressner’s photo, “Clara,” selected as May photo of the Month

Shaw Local News Network Group Photo Editor Sandy Bressner’s work is featured in the May 2022 edition of Editor & Publisher magazine, and on its website, as its photo of the month.

“Editor & Publisher magazine’s recognition of Sandy Bressner’s photo is acknowledgement of the work she does each day,” Dennis Anderson, VP of News & Content Development, said. “Sandy makes sure she and her staff are in the community, helping to tell local stories in a visual way. This photo of the young girl is well framed and tells a story of how international news is playing out on local streets. It’s awesome.”

Bressner said she views her role as a photographer as one of helping to document history in the local communities she covers.

“The city of Elmhurst came together to show their support for the people of Ukraine. Showing how the world news affects our own local communities is a huge part of our job,” Bressner said. “Chicago and the surrounding suburbs are home to many, many people of Ukrainian descent and the conflict going on over there is threatening their former homes and families.”

Her work can be found on pages 14-15 of this month’s publication.

Photo Caption:
Three-year-old Clara McDonald of Hinsdale attends a vigil with her mother and sister in support of the people of Ukraine at Wilder Park in Elmhurst on Wednesday, April 6, 2022. The event was organized by the City of Elmhurst, Elmhurst District 205, Elmhurst Park District, Elmhurst Public Library and Elmhurst University.